The New Bohemians Handbook
The New Bohemians Handbook

The New Bohemians Handbook

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The New Bohemians Handbook guides readers in beautifully simple techniques for adding good vibes and style to living spaces. Chapters include Spirit, Growth, Harmony, Décor Magic, Feng Shui, Crystal Magic, Flower Magic, Textile Treasury, and more!

With Justina Blakeney’s expert guidance, learn how to rearrange, paint, prop, and plant your way to a home that’s fresh and inspiring. Uncover your “spirit environment” and learn how to use color and scent to enhance mood, productivity, and relaxation. You’ll love what Justina believes in for your home:

“I believe that good design increases quality of life.”

“I believe in vintage, organic, and handmade.”

“I believe in the healing power of plants, good light, and fresh air.”

“I believe that objects made with love, care, and good materials bring those qualities with them wherever they go.”

Revel in Justina’s encouraging advice (“You’ve got this!”), and easily and affordably turn any dwelling into a personal sanctuary. Packed with hundreds of ideas for bringing positive energy to your home, the book features exercises and activities for thinking about rooms in new ways. She wants to make your home your “happy place” where you feel “relaxed, creative, energized, and whole.”

Whether you’re renting or own, are working on a budget, or have money to spend, she wants to make sure that you know that you can design your home yourself, make it beautiful, and make it feel like you belong. You’ll be glad that you invited Justina over to help design your home.


288 pages