Protection & Abundance

Protection & Abundance

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Made with Rose of Jericho, this spray is a must-have for your special places like home, business or work.

In their native habitats, these mosses wither and curl up when conditions are too dry. They then blow away and drift about like little tumbleweeds until they find a source of water. By all appearances they look dead, but once they find water, they uncurl and spring back to life, earning them the name “resurrection plants".

Rose of Jericho magical uses are often the same today as they were hundreds of years ago and are usually related to revival, purification, blessing and protection. Monotheistic religions like Islam and Christianity associate the plant with Mary and therefore assign the Rose of Jericho magical properties of protection for women and babies during childbirth.

•Spray Protection & Abundance on your front door entrance to block negative energies.

•Use it for blessing and protection of objects, jewelry, your altar.

•Spritz some to a water bucket before mopping floors to manifest abundance. 

Enjoy its mystical aroma with spices, woods and herbs.

2 oz. Spray bottle