Natura Remedies

Natura Remedies

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Aromatherapy is the gentle, ancient art of fragrance, anchored by the use of essential oils, which are extracted from flowers, barks, resins, herbs, fruits...

This Holistic Science is unthreatening and non-invasive, and this ancient modality is known to provide significant healing. Indeed, essential oils are touted as beneficial for a wide range of complaints, including body aches, insomnia, sluggish digestion, inflammation, migraines and mood malaise. 

Essential oils also can be used as a companion to traditional medications and therapies. Of course, you should always let your doctor know you’re considering essential oil therapy to avoid any negative interactions with medications. Essential oils are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Also, they should never be ingested.

Natura Remedies are blends to help you feel better, improve your senses and mood. 

Choose from our variety of rollerballs:

FIRST AID - anti-inflammatory, antibacterial. Apply it to burns, scrapes, insect bites.

DECONGESTION - clears your nasal airways. Helps with congestion and mucus. 

SLEEP WELL - apply it to your temples, behind your ear to feel relax and prepare to sleep.

ANXIETY RELIEF - feeling too much stress? Apply it to your temples, chest and pulse points.

FOCUS - ideal for studying, reading, working on presentations. Keeps you calm and alert. 

MIGRAINE RELIEF - are you feeling tense? Feeling your head is going to explode? Apply it on temples, behind your neck to ease the head pain and pressure.