Facial Serums Workshop

Facial Serums Workshop

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Create amazing facial serums for nourishing skincare for you and your clients.

Facial oils and serums can help fight signs of the biological process on the face and around the eyes. Using highly active raw materials in an oil blend with antioxidants which work to reduce damaged caused by the elements.

Discover the world of natural and organic skincare and learn to make your high-performance, age perfect, products and get tips for great skincare.

Our faces often tell the story of our lives. Unfortunately, many of our faces tell harsh tales that reveal lives of neglect or repeated exposure to the elements and the use of harmful, chemical-laden beauty products. 

Facial serums are great, lightweight beauty products that cleanse and your nourish skin, while clearing up skin problems, fighting the signs of biological process and restoring that natural healthy glow. The workshop will introduce you to natural and organic oils ideal for facial skin treatments, essential oils properties, skin types and more. Sign up for this amazing workshop now and receive a 10% discount with code SERUM10

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Workshop includes: a self made facial serum of $45 value, written material, ingredients to work with, snacks and beverages. 

Language: Spanish

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