Blind Date with a Scent

Blind Date with a Scent

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Have you ever experienced a blind date with a book? If you have, you should know that is extremely exciting for a book lover to buy a book with the mystery of not knowing its cover or content.

If you love aromas, Blind Date with a Scent is for you. B.D.W.S. is a hand wrapped Ohana Natura product, carefully curated and made with top quality ingredients.

What are you going to enjoy in this Blind Date with a Scent package?

•One of four scents of a nurturing and moisturizing all-over blend, safe to use as massage oil, aromatic essence (natural perfume) and hair serum.

•One aromatic lava bead bracelet from our Equilibrium Collection to use with your blend and take your scent everywhere.

Choose yours from:

Scent #1 Blooms - Smelling a flower makes your day. You are a very loving, empathic and compassionate person.

Scent #2 Roots - You are down to earth, love to meditate and to connect with nature. Having peace in your life is one of your priorities. 

Scent #3 Felicity - Joy is your nickname. You are fun and cheerful, but also reliable and honest. Positivity is your way to handle tough times. 

Scent #4 Makers - Creativity describes you. You are a dreamer and very determined. Full of ideas, intuitive and have tons of notebooks for journaling and doodling. 

•••If you can't decide or want to give a Blind Date with a Scent as gift, check the option ~bundle and save~, buying one of each and also enjoy free shipping.