52 Small Changes for the Family
52 Small Changes for the Family

52 Small Changes for the Family

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Learn how small changes can make a big impact on creating a healthy, happy family.

Make one small change per week for the family: Studies show that when we make small changes over time, we are more likely to be successful than if we try to make large changes all at once. In 52 Small Changes for the Family, bestselling author Brett Blumenthal teams up with family health practitioner Danielle Shea Tan to reveal how to build a foundation of health and happiness in the family. The idea is simple: make one small change a week for 52 weeks and at the end of the year, you and your children will enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Backed by research from leading experts and full of helpful charts and worksheets.

With practical strategies to minimize clutter while organizing your space, have meaningful conversations, use technology socially and safely, promote curiosity and encourage a love of learning, and many more.

With the outlined changes, you can achieve stronger family connections, greater self-esteem, improved outlook, and raised awareness.

Readers who love self-improvement books, such as Gretchen Rubin's Happier at Home and The Happiness Project will love the practical and actionable advice in this road map to a better life for the whole family.

Sharpen minds, build confidence, boost health, and deepen connections with one small change per week.

From international bestselling author Brett Blumenthal, and Danielle Shea Tan, a functional nutritionist, certified holistic health coach, and corporate wellness consultant.

Small and achievable changes to build the foundation of a contented family.

Each change comes with an explanation as to why the change is import¬ant, as well as a "Path to Change," which provides tips and recommenda¬tions to help you successfully implement the change.