Prosperity Box
Prosperity Box

Prosperity Box

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This is our second year with this box and I'm feeling the love. Use it on New Year's Eve, give it as a present or simply when you feel like you need a spark in your life.

For New Year's Eve:

1. Make your intentions.

2. Clear your mind and focus on love, health and

prosperity while cleansing your home and crystal

with the smudge stick.

3. Shower with the Ritual Bath. Let it run from your

head through your feet. Visualize washing away all

insecurities, doubts, pain, illness.

4. Put on some aromatic essence.

5. Enjoy your New Year's Eve and receive it full of


Wishing you the best year ever.



Box includes: Herb infused ritual bath, aromatic essence with essential and absolute oils, small smudge stick, healing stone.